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Usually it takes between 12-24h for adhesive to set, however if using rapid setting adhesive it could be ready for light traffic within 2-3h.

It is very important to to allow grout to set properly without disturbing it. 24h is a minimum required time limit before foot traffic.

It is recommended to leave the tiles minimum for 24h before grouting. You need to let adhesive to set properly, not to trap moisture under the tiles. It could potentially disturb grout colour.

It really depends of what sort of adhesives and grout brands are used. We would always recommend our clients not to walk on tiles for 24h.

Usually we recommend this to a specialist. We can foresee any problems that might occur, however you can multiply the width and hight of the area to achieve square meters.

Yes you can tile over the old tiles, but you would have to make sure they are firmly bonded. Very often you would need to use Ardex P4 primer, prior to tiling over the old tiles.
Yes we can dispose and clear all the rubbish after project completed. However we charge for this service.
Yes it is vital. There are so many cheap options out there, that it is very important to use only tested and reliable brands.
Yes. We can supply tiles, however you would still have to be specific of what you want in order for us to provide tiles.
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